Keto. Raw. Vegan. 80+ LowCarb Recipes.


80+ simple, raw vegan lowcarb recipes and ideas for preparation. Sweet and savory dishes. Simple and easy to prepare, raw, vegan and fit for a ketogenic diet.
With many photos!
PDF, 118 pages, 5MB.

Keto & lowcarb raw recipes.

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Keto. Raw. Vegan.

Yes, it is possible. And it works! It’s that easy!

What you will find in this eBook: A brief introduction to the ketogenic diet and the raw vegan diet. Helpful hints for preparation and equipment you’ll need. Recommended suppliers for some of the ingredients i use. (Most are fresh produce which you will find at your farmers‘ market.) And, mainly,
LOTS of recipes, more than 80 simple, rawvegan, lowcarb recipes. Sweet and savory recipes, breakfasts, lunch and dinner, snacks, tarts and treats.

More than 80 simple, raw vegan lowcarb recipes and ideas for preparation. With many photos!

PDF, 118 pages, 5MB.

The recipes are based on few, simple ingredients and are fit for beginners as well as for experienced raw foodists looking for new inspiration.

Btw: You will get an EBOOK (PDF)! You can read it with your tablet, smartphone, computer, or print it on paper, if you’d prefer that.

This ebook is for you, if …

  • … you are looking for simple, lowcarb, raw, vegan recipes.
  • … you want to check out the ketogenic way to eat raw.
  • … you already are (and want to stay) raw or vegan and looking for a way to eat lowcarb and/or keto.
  • … you are already on a ketogenic diet and want to add more rawfood to your diet.
  • … you are new to rawfood and the ketogenic diet.
  • … you want to change to a healthier way to nourish your body.
  • … you want to reduce your body fat without giving up the enjoyment of delicious food.
  • … you are looking for raw recipes to keep you satisfied for hours and to give you enough power for an active lifestyle.
  • … you are looking for delicious, nutritious raw recipes; high in nutritients yet made from few ingredients.

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