Celebration of Love

Christmas. And every other day. Be a light in the world. Love your neighbour, and yourself. Don’t leave anyone out in the cold, share what you have to share. Even it’s not more than a stable. ­čśë
May our humanity, our love, compassion, understanding and respect extend to all beings, creatures, and this magical planet, mother earth, nourishing and supporting us all.

Christmas. For me, it’s not about rules or religion. Not more than every other day. I do celebrate love, my believe in love, day by day … in different ways. Alone sometimes, or with others. Same as on chrismas days.

What is special, magical, for me, is this time of the year. (Or, actually, this whole life!) Winter solstice, the rebirth of the light, embracing the dark, outer and inner. Journeying inside. The magic of the twelve nights. Farewell and new beginnings, cycles, again and again.

May your days be filled with wonder, love and light! And may you be aware of this, today, tomorrow, and every day to come!

Celebrate love – each and every day!

What does christmas mean for you?

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